Travel - Finlay Buchanan Photography


I have travelled to many parts of the world including Asia, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Europe.

I am aware of the diverse range of people, cultures and religions across the globe. I am also acutely aware of the difficulties many face due to war, poverty and disasters as well as many other issues.

I have always been passionate about travelling and meeting new people from other cultures as I feel it helps develop an understanding of how different people live throughout the world. I also love the diversity of climate and geophysical features of the planet. Travel is adventure and with adventure come great opportunities for new photographic projects. 

I hope to continue travelling in the UK and abroad, by land and water documenting my experiences below:

  • Moored Row Of Boats

    With the autumn leaves scattered along the towpath, a number of canal boats are moored along this stretch popular with walkers and boaters.


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