Street - Finlay Buchanan Photography

Street Photography

A unique style of an artistic and candid nature, often combining places and people going about their everyday life.

Street photography for me is all about capturing the feelings of the moment and trying to project those feelings through the image to the audience.

As I explore this style of photography I hope to learn and develop over time enabling me to put together some interesting and captivating projects which you will find under this category.

Please browse through and enjoy my work and check back regularly for updates and exciting new images.

My images under this category are personal artistic expression only and are not available for commercial use.

  • Man On Bench

    On a warm sunny day in Spring a man takes a break watching the world go by on a memorial bench in Winchester next to the cathedral.

  • Live Street Music In Winchester

    Musicians performing live to passers by in the heart of Winchester. I enjoyed spending some time listening to their music during a Saturday afternoon stroll around the city.

  • Man, Woman And Dog On Bench

    I couldn't work out whether it was religion or weather this lady was talking about as she looks up to the sky with her hand raised.


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