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For most of my life I have loved to travel and visit new places here in the British Isles, across Europe and around the world.

My subject of places is a varied and expansive category which allows me freedom and creativity to explore and embark on new adventures to all kind of destinations at home and abroad, bringing some amazing images to my portfolio.

Please take time to browse and enjoy my galleries and you can also support my ongoing creative work by purchasing images through my website in any of the many printed formats available should you find anything you particularly enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my site and please check back regular for updates and exciting new images.

  • Crosby Beach Sunset

    I can remember many years ago as a young child playing at the beach and swinging from a rope tied to the middle of this large wooden structure often ending up falling into the pool of water at its base. We were often covered ankle deep in thick black sludge which I can only assume was oil and pollution mixed with sand. Nowadays, much progress has been made on Crosby beach with a great deal of effort to clean up the area making it more pleasant and safe for people visiting and playing on the beach. Visible in the distance are the huge numbers of wind turbines which are appearing all over the country on land and at sea in the quest for cleaner and greener energy. I spent a peaceful evening walking my dog with a beautiful sunset near the Coastguard Station at Hall Road on Crosby beach in Liverpool thinking back to those happy childhood days when we thought having our feet covered in this deep black sludge was fun, totally unaware of the dangers of pollution and the damage it was causing to our environment,

  • Walkway Between St Helier Marina And The Open Sea

    This walkway runs along the perimeter of the marina and is a dividing wall protecting the moored boats from the heavy seas that frequently hit Jersey. On the right is Elizabeth Castle in the distance, slightly obscured by the railings and is only accessible via the causeway which is frequently cut off by the incoming tide.. On the left is the popular marina full of private yachts and power boats. I like the way the path separates the uncontrolled and sometimes rough sea on the right from the safe, calm and secure marina on the left.

  • Le Braye Cafe, Jersey

    Cafe at Le Braye, a picturesque sandy beach on the West coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands

  • Welcome To Tring Park Sign

    One of several wooden signs welcoming visitors to the beautiful Tring Park in Hertfordshire

  • Tring Welcomes You Sign

    The "Welcome to Tring" sign situated opposite the Robin Hood pub


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