Nature - Finlay Buchanan Photography


Nature is precious on planet earth but is sadly neglected, misunderstood and selfishly abused by the human race.

Nature can be beautiful and relaxing as well as powerful and destructive. My interest in nature started as a young child as I spent much of my time in the countryside in many parts of the British Isles.

As part of my photography and creative work, I explore the awesome power and beauty of nature and its many different forms as well as the impact nature has on the landscapes and lives of people past and present.

I hope the amazement I feel when I see nature at its finest is passed on through my images for you to enjoy and appreciate.

All my creative work is available to buy through my website.

  • Tree Trunk On The Ridgeway Path

    A tree lining the route of the Ridgeway ancient path running along the top of Tring Park in Hertfordshire

  • Tring Park Trees

    Photograph showing a couple of trees located in Tring Park, Hertfordshire. One of the trees is still very majestic and healthy whilst the other is dead having probably been struck by lightning like several other trees in the vicinity which all have visible signs of the destructive power of lightning


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