• Rocks On Barmston Beach

    Rocks at Barmston beach in Yorkshire with a stream of water running out to sea.

  • A View From "The Struggle"

    As the challenging road winds through stunning scenery and hills, this tree caught my attention from the road and I just stood looking across the valley as the hill tops were encased in low level cloud giving it a peaceful but moody feel with signs there was bad weather closing in or certainly a lot of rain which is almost guaranteed at some point of any visit to the Lake District.

  • "The Struggle" In Cumbria

    A winding road heading up into the hills from Ambleside. A beautiful drive with some steep sections and lovely views of the surrounding hills. I wonder where the name "The Struggle" comes from? I can only image in winter with deep snow and ice it certainly would be a struggle travelling along this route.

  • A View Over Ullswater

    I love these old stone and slate buildings the way they blend in with the walls and scenery so typical of the Lake District. These buildings certainly stand the test of time and are built to last.

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