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Black & White Photography

A collection of some of my favourite black and white images selected from across my website covering different areas of my photography.

My love of black and white photography started when I was 16 back in the days of film and processing in dark rooms and an old Olympus OM1 SLR film camera.

I strongly believe monochrome is able to give images a powerful and unique feel that would often be lost with the use of colour.

Please explore  my world of black and white photography and remember to revisit regularly as I update my content with new and exciting images and projects.

Your interest and support in my creative work means a lot to me and thank you for taking time to view my work.

  • Iron Man And His Dog

    This image has a powerful meaning to me and in many ways represents my own personal circumstances of being in a very dark place, with only my dog by my side, looking towards the light but feeling eternally trapped and bogged down by difficulties of the past. With the help of my dog and building a new life with a career in photography and writing I hope to be able to step out from this darkness and make positive progress towards the light with brighter and happier days on the horizon.

  • Tring Park Bench

    Every time I walk around Tring Park I always take a moment to sit on this bench and admire the peaceful view from this elevated position. I have spent many hours here sometimes sitting from sunset into the darkness just enjoying the peacefulness and calming effect this location has on my mind. The sunset from this location can at times be spectacular. At dusk you can watch the rabbits running around and feeding on the grass just yards in front of the bench sometimes unaware of anyone watching them.

  • Man On Bench

    On a warm sunny day in Spring a man takes a break watching the world go by on a memorial bench in Winchester next to the cathedral.

  • Welcome To Tring Park Sign

    A sign at one of the entrances to Tring Park which is owned and managed by the Woodland Trust. The park is without doubt my favourite place to walk and spend time exercising my dog in Tring. There are multiple entry points with a open rolling hills or woodland areas and the ancient Ridgeway path managed by National Trails passes through the woodland and stretches from Ivinghoe Beacon to Overton Hill, and has a total distance of 87 miles.

  • Face Of Concern

    Loyal and calm. The wonderful breed of Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal where they are known as the Serra Da Estrela. I love the very expressive face of my dog who has a very caring and sweet nature to those she sees as her friends and family and true to her breed instincts she will protect her family at all costs from anyone or thing she perceives as a threat.

  • The Ridgeway Path, Tring Park

    This section of The Ridgeway runs across the top of Tring Park and is just part of a long distance National Trail running from Ivinghoe Beacon to Overton Hill, a distance of 87 miles. For further information on this stunning national trail, please visit their website at:

  • MG7069 Classic Car

    Classic ar with vintage teddy bear and poppy on front grill on display at the 2019 Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally held at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

  • Walkway Between St Helier Marina And The Open Sea

    This walkway runs along the perimeter of the marina and is a dividing wall protecting the moored boats from the heavy seas that frequently hit Jersey. On the right is Elizabeth Castle in the distance, slightly obscured by the railings and is only accessible via the causeway which is frequently cut off by the incoming tide.. On the left is the popular marina full of private yachts and power boats. I like the way the path separates the uncontrolled and sometimes rough sea on the right from the safe, calm and secure marina on the left.

  • Pair Of Bulls In Tring Park

    These two bulls had gathered with the rest of their herd in Tring Park having followed me to an exit. They remained inquisitive yet cautious as they were bemused by my dog safely positioned on the other side of the gate. Although they are friendly and gentle, i'm always a little nervous when they start to gain ground on me as i'm walking away from them. I could hear the thundering of hooves as my back was turned as they try to gain ground and then they stop in an instance as I turned to face them. Almost like a comedy sketch.

  • BYL186 Classic Car

    2019 Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally held at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

  • St Peter & St Pauls Church

    A beautiful medieval church in the heart of Tring. This view is from the High Street along a path through old grave stones leading to the main entrance. There is a real community feel to Tring and the church is at the heart of that local community.

  • Man, Woman And Dog On Bench

    I couldn't work out whether it was religion or weather this lady was talking about as she looks up to the sky with her hand raised.

  • Tring Welcomes You Sign

    The "Welcome to Tring" sign situated opposite the Robin Hood pub


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