Animals - Finlay Buchanan Photography
  • Pair Of Bulls In Tring Park

    These two bulls had gathered with the rest of their herd in Tring Park having followed me to an exit. They remained inquisitive yet cautious as they were bemused by my dog safely positioned on the other side of the gate. Although they are friendly and gentle, i'm always a little nervous when they start to gain ground on me as i'm walking away from them. I could hear the thundering of hooves as my back was turned as they try to gain ground and then they stop in an instance as I turned to face them. Almost like a comedy sketch.

  • Two Friendly Donkeys

    Whenever I walked through a nearby field, I always enjoyed spending time stroking these two adorable donkeys. They were inquisitive and friendly and never far away from each other.

  • Face Of Concern

    Loyal and calm. The wonderful breed of Estrela Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal where they are known as the Serra Da Estrela. I love the very expressive face of my dog who has a very caring and sweet nature to those she sees as her friends and family and true to her breed instincts she will protect her family at all costs from anyone or thing she perceives as a threat.

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